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Central Accounting

Central Accounting helps you plan, control, and account for your business more cost effectively.

Central Accounting helps you reduce your bookkeeping costs, improve your customer service, buying, planning, and cashflow, and all for the cost of a mobile ‘phone contract.

It has been designed as a planning and accounting system for small businesses which simply cannot afford the tens-of-thousands of pounds required to purchase a traditional server based system, but need more than a basic bookkeeping system.

Central Accounting exists ‘in the Cloud‘ so it does not require any specialist software to be installed on PCs or workstations, nor any expensive servers or networks, nor any specialist in-house IT administration and being web based the application is highly scalable which means it also offers a very real ‘future proofed’ solution to any growing business.

Because the application is fully integrated there is no re-input of data to different modules or systems, or routines to update one system from another, so you never have systems which are out of synch and giving you different results.

With Central Accounting ERP there has been no skimping on functionality: it includes sales order processing (‘SOP’), customer relationship management (‘CRM’), purchase order processing (‘POP’), materials requirement planning (‘MRP’), capacity planning/ works order scheduling, accounting and payroll.

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