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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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To help ensure that individual computers are operating at full potential and protected from malicious attacks our Computer Health Check removes viruses and clears out clutter. This also helps to speed up struggling computers and extend their life.

As Special Offer we are making available a Special Offer of one Computer Health Check per business. Please click here to download or print the Special Offer

Computer Health Check

Business System Review

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To ensure that your technology is aligned with your business goals whilst remaining protected against new threats we are offering a FREE review of your I.T. systems.

The Challenge

Recent surveys have shown that 31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control and only 35% of SME's have a disaster recovery plan in place (Gartner). 51% of companies that suffer major data loss shut down within two years, while 43% never reopen for business (Mcgladrey and Pullen study).

45 per cent of IT professionals report that their business is impacted if IT is down for just 15 minutes or less, and 17 per cent say that disruption occurs the instant an IT outage develops. What if your business was affected? What's your plan?

Business Continuity Forum

Overview Presentation

Find out why ICT Continuity is a vital part of your Business Continuity Plan and how investing time in planning could not only provide you with peace of mind but also a significant return on your investment.
Key action points are included to help you take the next steps. To download or print the presentation click here

Tech Tips

To help businesses plan for the future and to prepare for IT disasters we are making available a complimentary copy of our Logiplex Tech Tips: How To Keep Your Computer Healthy and Secure. To download or print these vital Tech Tips click here.

Special Offers

Logiplex can help protect your computers from attack and secure vital documents, data and photographs, with a range of cost effective antivirus, data backup and disaster recovery solutions. This provides piece of mind of knowing that your system is protected from attack and that vital documents and files are safe and secure.

Reader Offer